Amy Gilmer


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Amy carried out her PhD looking at the connection between arc magmatic systems and PCDs, focusing on a Pliocene deposit in central Chile. Since leaving Bristol, Amy moved back home to the USA and has  become a staff member at the USGS in Denver.

Vlad's PhD used experimental petrology, geochemistry, and microanalysis of porphyry copper deposits to understand the controls on fluid distribution, sulphur solubility, and metal enrichment. Since graduating in June 2016, Vlad began a postdoc at the University of Frankfurt, where he is studying redox processes and fluid evolution in the deep upper mantle.

Marit received her BSc and MSc in Earth Sciences from Utrecht University in the Netherlands. As a PhD student in the Bristol team, Marit worked on a sequence of large-volume ignimbrites in northern Chile. After completing her PhD in June 2016, Marit stayed at Bristol to work on a postdoctoral project on Monserrat  exploring the relationship between PCDs and active volcanoes. She now lives in Switzerland.

Debbie  received her BSc and MSc in Earth Sciences from the University of Hong Kong and has worked as an exploration geologist in an internship programme in NW China. She finished her PhD in 2017 in Nagoya University, Japan. Her PhD project focused on the temporal relationship between magmatism and ore formation at Cerro Colorado mine in northern Chile. She is now working as Project facilitator and Researcher for geoscience NPO Projecterrae, based in Hong Kong.

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Marit Van Zalinge

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Vlad Matjuschkin

Rebecca received an MEarthSci from Oxford University in 2013. She then spent a year working with the Bristol PCD team as a research assistant before embarking on a NERC-funded PhD project in northeastern Greece. Her project was focused on understanding the relationship between post-orogenic granite emplacement, extension, and porphyry-epithermal mineralisation. She finished her PhD in August 2018 and she currently working for BHP in Ecuador.

Rebbeca Perkins