Edward Bunker

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Ed graduated from Oxford University in 2015 with an MEarthSci. During his studies, Ed did some exploration work for Reservoir Minerals, and worked on a high sulphidation deposit of theirs for his 4th year thesis. At Bristol, he will conduct an in-depth geochronological study of Spence mine in northern Chile to construct a magmatic, thermal, and fluid history of PCD formation.

Simon received his BSc and MSc in Geology and Mineralogy from Åbo Akademi University in Finland and has worked as a field geologist on exploration projects in both Sweden and Finland. At Bristol, Simon will investigate how granite emplacement and exhumation in the Central Andes can be tied to patterns of PCD formation, enrichment, and preservation.

Rebecca received an MEarthSci from Oxford University in 2013. She then spent a year working with the Bristol PCD team as a research assistant before embarking on a NERC-funded PhD project in northeastern Greece. Her project is focused on understanding the relationship between post-orogenic granite emplacement, extension, and porphyry-epithermal mineralisation.

Debbie is based in Nagoya University, Japan. She received her BSc and MSc in Earth Sciences from the University of Hong Kong and has worked as an exploration geologist in an internship programme in NW China. Debbie’s PhD project focuses on the temporal relationship between magmatism and ore formation at Cerro Colorado mine in northern Chile.

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